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About Us

Flower girlJocelyn was born in Lynnwood, WA and now lives in Rohcester Hills, MI with her husband Dan. She is a French teacher and recently completed her master's degree. Her family includes her parents, Ric and Julie, and her older brother, Matt. She enjoys the guitar, the piano, and singing as well as doing various outdoor activities including snowskiing, waterskiing, biking, camping, kayaking, hiking, jogging, and swimming. She has two cats, Cali and Cinder, and drives a 2001 green Honda Civic. Her favorite dish is Chicken Parmasean and her favorite movie is The Little Mermaid.

DanDan was born and raised in Petoskey, MI and now lives in Rochester Hills, MI with his wife Jocelyn. He works for EDS as a database administrator. His family includes his parents, Dan and Mary, and his younger sisters, Caroline and Marianne. He enjoys photography, computers, backpacking, hiking, golf, snow skiing, wakeboarding, and racquetball. He drives a 1999 black two-door Jeep Cherokee Sport with a ski and bike rack. His favorite food is Italian and his favorite movie is The Matrix.


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