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Our Favorite Spots

Northern Michigan:

Sleeping Bear pointSleeping Bear Point, Glen Haven, MI
Well, of course! This is where we got engaged (red star on picture) and also happens to be one of the most beautiful lookouts in the regions. With views of Lake Michigan, North and South Manitou, Glen Arbor, and Glen Lake, it’s hard not to see why! This is a great hike on the “backside” of the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes. Here is a picture of the spot in winter.


pyramid pointPyramid Point, Maple City, MI
Another beautiful lookout of Lake Michigan and the Manitous with a much clearer view of the “Crib” the lighthouse situated in Lake Michigan between the mainland and North Manitou. Here is a lovely sunset picture of us after the short and steep climb to the top.


Carcassonne, France
This amazing town and fortified castle are some of the most amazing historical landmarks in southern France. Located west of Perpignan in the Pyrenees mountains, Dan and Jocelyn visited this spot in 2001 while visiting France with Jocelyn’s parents. Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves was filmed here and its towers and double-fortified town walls are an imposing reminder of the irony of beauty in something used in such tumultuous times. We loved this place!

Castelnou, France
In contrast to the grandeur of Carcassonne, Castelnou’s medieval town is small and unimposing. However, its charm captured our love right away. Located in the same region as Carcassonne, but farther north, the fortress rests on the top of a craggy mountain surrounded by houses frozen in time.

Villefranche-de-Conflent, France
Villefranche, again in the Pyrenees, looks out at the mountain Canigou. The fort is set apart from the fortified city boarded by a rushing river. The fort is on the top of the nearby mountain, a hefty hike that Dan, Jocelyn, and her dad did in an hour or so. The fort itself is quite magnificent, having been used most recently in World War I, but dating back hundreds of years. Napoleon II built an underground staircase from the fort back to the town in the valley — 832 steps!.

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